Teaching Methodology

Based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence, we at Kids Quest Academy provide a conducive and productive learning environment, inculcating not just academic but an even more important parameter of alternate education through our interactive intervention and developmental integration (IIDI) program.

Every human is born with Innate Intellect, which is used to acquire knowledge, and information, which in turn is processed by the brain into intelligence. Our curriculum provides early childhood education, adapting Multiple Intelligence theories, techniques and most importantly our three copyright teaching methods, Chalk Learning, Walk Learning and Talk Learning.

The period 2 years to 8 years is considered the golden age of learning. During this period, every human learns how to learn. This is what we do, this is what nobody does it better than us, this is why high school prefer us and this is why you want to be with Kids Quest Academy.

We have mastered the art and science of Multiple Intelligence and have made it possible for you.

Pen Book

At KQA Preschool, we strive to enhance the learning of each child through new interactive experiences, one of which is the Pen Book experience. Children are provided with a talking pen that phonetically provides audio cues for the child to better learn speech and language which is paired with a book that provides the visual cues helping the child to associate and his learning to real-life situations. This experience combines various learning methods of audio, visual and kinesthetic learning to ensure the enhancement of the overall development of each child.