1. 3000 Sq. Feet as well as an additional 500 Sq. Feet Terrace
  2. 1:6 Teacher Student Ratios.
  3. Separate Classrooms for different levels of learning 
    We have the unique learning stages starting from the initial Mother-Toddler level right up to the preschool level wherein the child is given training for higher level schooling.
  4. Air Conditioned with CCTV
  5. Play Area and Gym Area
  6. Play Pool 
    We conduct sessions of water play to improve motor coordination from an early age.
  7. Day Care Centre
  8. Counseling 
    We have a team of professional counselors as well as trained teachers to ensure a wholistic and all round growth and development of each child.
  9. Toy Library 
    A unique feature of the KQA preschool is its Toy Library wherein once the learning style of each child is identified, specific toys and games are selected for each individual child to enhance their strengths and build on their weaknesses through play. It is a multi-sensory approach to development with a collection of toys, games, CD’s, charts and books.