Planner & Activities

Every month a planner meeting is held to discuss the academics,events,IIDI schedules, etc. Work Sheets, assessments , assignments and books shall be shown and discussed during the same

Monday Soft toys/Batteryoperated toys
Yoga(Nursery onwards)
Tuesday Show & Tell (Nursery onwards)
Wednesday Birthday celebration
Newspaper clippings (Nursery onwards)
Thursday Mummy's Yummy Meal
Friday Friends,Food & Me(Two Fridays every month)
Library Day


Main Topic General Topic Value Education Field Trip
Skill Development Shapes Stories Seasons
Colours Nursery Rhymes
and songs
Picture talk/Demo Festivals

Special Days
(Water Play Colour Day)

Request to send Concept/Demo related jobs Demo related objects Books
Celebrations Homework Assignments
Newspaper Clippings Elocution
Worksheet Piggy Bank Learn & Write Audio Visual
Music & Movement Games

Play Time
Gym Time